Hot Chocolate Mix

Our hot cocoa mix is the perfect warming and nourishing hot cocoa drink with superfood benefits.

Maca Root Powder is an energizing and revitalizing superfood. Perfect for people who require a boost of energy without the negative effects of processed sugar. Maca contains all essential amino acids as well as over 60 phytochemicals. Maca has a unique nutrient profile that helps nourish the endocrine system and balance out hormone levels leading to improved vitality.

Mesquite Powder comes from the mesquite tree pods and is a sweet, caramel flavored delicious superfood that contains calcium vital for maintaining strong and healthy bones and other essential minerals including potassium, iron, and zinc that all play vital roles in ensuring our bodies function at optimal levels. Mesquite Powder is also abundant in soluble fiber (essential for smooth digestion and a healthy gut flora), has an incredibly lol Glycemic Index (G.I) and won't cause blood sugar spikes. Mesquite powder does not require insulin to break down so is a perfect substitute for people with blood sugar issues.  


The sugars listed on the nutrition panel are naturally occurring or intrinsic that come from fruits and vegetables and are also the good kind of sugars we need in a balanced diet.



Hot Chocolate Mix

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