My Story

Nourished Pantry was originally created as a community to nourish our lives fully. From what we eat to the products we use in our homes and the way we move daily.

The first products were plant-based baking kits, custom celebration cakes, delicious slices & raw treats. The main priority was that each product was created with loads of love & flavour.


After a year in business, things had evolved to photographing, styling, and recipe creation. There was growing traction with my photography and fewer days in the kitchen. I made the decision to finish the kits and focus on my food photography.


Now, I am working as a Marketing Co-Ordinator in Perth, Western Australia spending my spare time passionately creating beautiful content, delicious food and recipes. The original goal for Nourished Pantry remains the same - healthy, clean, and nourishing food for you to enjoy making and eating.

With love,