About Us

Nourished Pantry specialises in plant-based baking kits. We also make (healthy) raw custom celebration cakes, delicious slices & raw treats..


Our baking kits are Vegan, Refined Sugar-Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Incredibly Delicious. We are passionate about creating plant-based foods that not only taste amazing but are amazing for you. 


Our celebration cakes are a nut and medjool date base with a cashew centre. We then top them with pretty edible treats and drizzle in raw chocolate.


Our creators leave out the nasty stuff like preservatives, fillers and additives to ensure you thrive on the food you fuel your body with.

With such negative impacts on our body from eating food high in sugar, dairy and the effects of highly processed convenience foods we set out to bring change into your home with our easy, convenient baking kits you can enjoy and bake in your own home. 


Nourished Pantry wants to show everyone how easy it is to bake healthy and nutrient dense food without adding processed flours and sugars. 

We hope you enjoy our kits and cake as much as we do!

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